Vulnerability is a tremendous stick of dynamite. It can dismantle social barriers and personal defenses instantly when used correctly, but I feel it’s underestimated. Often, vulnerability seems like less a social tool and more like an obstacle to avoid, a bomb to be disarmed instead of utilized. It can be scary to open up, but… Read More Vulnerability


Everyday when I’m back at my parent’s place in California I walk Monty, my dog. His name is short for Monte Ellis, the old point guard for the Warriors, I forget what team he is on these days. I walk Monty down the desolate streets of suburbia and through a half-mile length of the Iron… Read More Golf


This is going to be a sappy, touchy-feely, starry-eyed post. You’ve been warned. Beauty. I was walking around yesterday, listening to music and a train of thought started its engines. It centered around what beauty is. The common idea of it being something aesthetic, some combination of colors and visuals that evoke something pleasant. Beauty… Read More Beauty