Websurfing 103: Accountability, Environmentalism, and Freelancing

I’ve done two prior posts in this series. It’s about useful websites that can help better the lives of people engaged in finding tools to use the internet as an extension of their lives. Anyway, here are four websites.


maplight screenshot
Maplight’s homepage, courtesy of MapLight.com


A great resource for information on most American politicians’ financial contributions as well as an easily accessible feed of the bills that are being voted on in Congress. For the current wave of political criticism and distrust, this site is an optimal tool for figuring out the details on which politicians may be under the thumb of a particular industry.


ecosia how it works
How Ecosia works, courtesy of Ecosia.com


Want to continue wasting time and still help the environment? This search engine gives its ad revenue to tree planting projects in Peru, Madagascar, and Burkina. It’s one of the few avenues to turn a completely inconsequential, but frequently used task such as searching something online into a way to promote environment (and consequentially community) prosperity.


If you’re looking to hone your creative abilities, whatever they may be, HitRECord is a constant stream of community-sourced prompts. Started by Joseph Gordan Levitt and his brother,, HitRECord is a breathing community of collaborators looking to contribute any of their abilities to the wealth of project ideas that people come up with. Often, JGL will ask the community to work on a specific project, contribute ideas and content.



Freelance categories, courtesy of Upwork.com


For individuals looking to freelance or make some side money, this site offers a clean way for freelancers to connect with companies seeking easy ways to complete their projects. Postings, depending on the employer, include project payment, goals, and needs. Freelancers can develop a reputation for completing projects and find ways to make Upwork more financially solvent. You have to apply first and get accepted to be a possible freelancer on the site, so make sure you have some employable skills for whatever you choose to freelance in.


If you have cool websites that improve your life in meaningful ways, comment or email me!


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