Moving Forward and Soon to Go

I’m 21. I’m soon to end my undergraduate college experience and be thrust into the thralls of working society.

What will I have to contribute to the world? To my community? To my work that will make people want to give me money and some sort of living?

That’s what my mind has been wrapped up in lately. How to I distinctly contribute to this community I’m in? With all so many options, and so much disdain/fear for a life of monotony or poverty… what do I focus on?

But this has led me to pivot and, instead of floating through taking classes, I am now looking to develop marketable skills and attempt to live in a more project-based lifestyle. In seven or so months will I have a portfolio to showcase? I want a body of work, a trove I can gaze upon with some essence of satisfaction.

For those following my drawing Instagram account, I took part in Inktober, a month of daily ink drawings with 31 prompts to follow. Participating in Inktober was so satisfying. I could look back and see my improvement, see my art and be proud of it. Now my mind is excited for small art projects, excited to make/create new things.

But not only make/create small ink drawings. I want to make and create change in the larger community. How do I create influence and impact the world in a positive way? A way that is more artful, engaged, excited to help each other and reflective about what is the best way forward.

I only have a month until I return to the States and it feels like a return to the battlegrounds in a way. I know it’s possible to make a change from anywhere in the world, but back in the U.S., I feel that I’ll be able to continue the important conversations of my home and mend the divisional rift tearing the country’s discourse apart.

I’m also excited to get home and rest with my parents and friends. I cannot wait for the time I’ll have to sit at the piano and play endlessly.

And of course, in the back of my head and the front of my heart, I’ll be missing Bhutan. I’ll be missing the people I love here and the mountains that humble me. But it’s soon time to say goodbye.

Goodbyes are so important to me. It’s a final moment to solidify the time you’ve created together and a moment to cliffhang the next meeting. It may lead nicely into the long hiatus before I step foot in this country again.


What I’m trying to push myself to do is to live meaningfully and in a way that leads to creation, a more skillful self, and an array of tangibles that I can smile contently at. What projects can I begin to work on? What can I make that I’ll be proud of? What are useful tools for me to equip myself with?

There are surely thousands of answers to these questions. So, I’ll start by honing my drawing, maybe begin to work on an array of doodles to turn into stickers. Or maybe I’ll take a class in graphic design… Or maybe start a small art journal of those in my community…

Time to get to work!

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