Friends in High Places

I’m sitting at Ambient Cafe drinking some iced peach green tea and writing, because I feel the urge to write, but have no idea what I want to write about. The semester is coming to an end, with less than a month left, we are all slowly walking toward the airport. All of us, meaning all of the other international students studying abroad in Bhutan, are eager to be home, but sad to leave.

The people I’ve met in Bhutan have a deep residence in my heart. The time I’ve spent here hasn’t been significantly long, but looking back it has meant so much to have people show me their culture, share some small piece of their lives and offer me company.

I’m thankful that I will be able to stay for another semester. If I wasn’t coming back I’d be quaking, dreading the moment I step on that airplane, likely to never see the faces of the beautiful people I’ve come to know.

But I’ll soon have to do that, whether it’s a month from now or five, I’ll step on a plane. And it’s unknown to me whether I’ll be back in Bhutan.

Money, in my estimation, doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure affords mobility. I’d like to get a well-paying job so that I more easily find myself walking around the Memorial Chorten in Thimphu, Bhutan and connect with old friends.

Anyway, it’ll be a short post this time around, just felt like writing.

Though there are times where I don’t understand the social landscape of Bhutan, the people have been caring and endearing in a way that has forever made this country deeply warming.

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