To Bangkok!

Featured image taken from Wikimedia and provided by user Paolobon140.

The days of traveling through Thailand and Bhutan are approaching. In fact, they’re here. I’m about to sleepily walk onto the plane and fly over, it’s only a matter of hours. I’m somewhat nervous, just because I don’t know what traveling alone entails, but more so I’m feeling disjointed.

Since America is ridden with turmoil, not just because of Trump (though he’s not helping), it feels slightly illegitimate to be running off for six months. And maybe it’s a bit overly dramatic to figure that I’m an important piece of the United States’ future over the next year, but isn’t that the point of being engaged in democracy? Either way, I’m a bit bugged by the sense I’m shirking a greater responsibility.

But leaving this endless liberal worry is going to alleviate stress, for sure. Because the political disaffection I’m feeling is only being intensified feeling straight-jacketed as twiddle my thumbs waiting for my prolonged winter-break to finish.

I’ll save my worrying for when I get back to the States in July. I’m going to f**king Thailand! And Bhutan!

To be in a new city, one with a different culture is going to be fantastic. I’ve never had a vacation where I’m on my own, setting whatever routine I’d like and seeing whatever I’d like to see.

I’m both weary and intrigued as to the types of travel troubles I’ll find myself in. You know, traveler’s diarrhea, pickpockets, bad water, virus carrying mosquitoes and other things. I’m curious to see whether or not those problems were understated (please no sickly mosquitoes). I feel a bit naïve thinking about these sorts of things and possibly being grossly incorrect, but I can only be naïve. I really don’t understand other countries in the world. I’ve never spent a lengthy time in a foreign country, and I’ve never taken the time to understand what it’s like to live in other places.

It’ll give this blog a bit more umphff too. You know I’ve been fiddling around with how best to use this blog, whether to have it as a artsy-fartsy journal or a landfill for half-baked writing endeavors. But maybe it can be a middle ground… I’ll have just slightly half-baked artsy-fartsy landfill posts!

In truth though, I’d like to use this blog over the next couple months to document Thailand and Bhutan. I don’t want to write how great it is to travel and I don’t want to churn out self-absorbed, rose-tinted essays on travel (I’ll do it though if it turns out traveling is that good). I want to use this as a compendium for reflections I have on what these places are, not as destinations, but simply as another place on Earth.

I’m aiming for a grounded detailing of what Bangkok is like, or what Bhutan is like, or Chang Mai, Singapore, wherever I go throughout the next several months. Something I can reread or others can read and actually understand, a bit more realistically, what these places are like.

I’ll post some pictures, write thoughts, attempt stories and poems if I’m feeling gutsy, and hopefully get some interviews with Bhutanese folk. And, of course, some half-baked  writing practice to sprinkle throughout.

2 thoughts on “To Bangkok!

  1. I hope you enjoy Bangkok! Thailand is very beautiful, Bangkok has its own charm which keeps enticing people to come back again. I have been there over 6 times, each stay lasting no more than 4 nights as there are way too many places to visit outside of a Bangkok 😊


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