When a man looks into the mirror he often sees something other than reality. I think that goes for most people. It’s not just a reflection of what is in front of the mirror. More than any other visual the reflection is tainted by perceptions, often more negative than not.

I walk around all the time thinking about how dumb my cowlick can be sometimes when many people don’t even notice it. I look at myself in the mirror and question who I am, what I look like and how I’m feeling. I think of myself as a much different person that who I may actually be to others.

And if you’ll allow me I’ll get into the deeper stuff too. It’s not only the actual mirror that is shaped by our perceptions of ourselves, but the mere practice of self-reflection is too.

We so often think of ourselves much more critically, in ways that are have been constructed from tormented childhoods, the gauntlet of primary education and past/current relationships.

But recently I’ve been asking friends three simple questions to attempt an attack on what seems to be a disparity between reality and our perception of ourselves.

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think I think you are?

Can I tell you what I actually think you are?

These three questions are direct and necessitate honesty in order to provide an experience of any substance. I’ve used it with three close friends and it can provide a whole lot of good discussion and insight into your own life and perceptions that surround you.

I’d suggest trying it, whether good or bad, it’ll be interesting.


Anyway. This is just a short one. I’ll try to be writing more, especially once I venture to Bhutan in February.

I’m looking to write more about particular things, specific things, rather than just blabber on about some abstract concept in a very abstract way. But until then,

Love and respect, best wishes,


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