Websurfing 101: Consumerism, Videography, and Journalism

The internet is full of nonsense; our facebook feeds are sure to confirm that. It’s important to understand that deep down, beneath heaps of memes, facebook arguments and cat videos lay largely undiscovered works of talented people. I’ve been surfing the internet’s waves browsing new ways of getting my information and it’s led me to a plethora of interesting and useful sites.

Here’s just four:

YES! Magazine


Image result for yes! magazine
Taken from the Yes! Magazine website.


YES! Magazine is an action-oriented progressive publication. It’s five main categories include happiness, the new economy, and peace and justice. The publication is a non-profit that runs off of subscriptions and donations. The whole site is advertisement free in order to remain uninfluenced. The content is refreshing and poignant, each piece offering a new way to consider an event or a way to change to a more positive lifestyle.

Swich To Better


Taken from Swich To Better’s about page.


Swich To Better is a website focused on providing an avenue for supporting positive businesses. The site evaluates how much your lifestyle promotes a healthy community based on where you spend your money. Once you get your score you can find out what businesses are rated negatively and why. There’s a whole directory full of businesses around whatever town you live it and you can see which ones are rated to be positive businesses in regards to the environment, it’s employees and the community’s health.

Kaptain Kristian


Image result for kaptain kristian
Thumbnail for Kaptain Kristian’s Calvin and Hobbes video essay.


Wonderfully written and produced love letters, Kaptain Kristian’s video essays critically evaluate and summarize a particular pop culture icon. He digs deep into the writing of Futurama and the color scheme of the X-Men series. He’ll research and relay the historical aspects of Godzilla as well as the censorship throughout the history of South Park. The subjects he covers are various and each video provides a satisfyingly well-edited take on something that, to many, may have been rarely considered.

DSLR Guides

If you’ve ever had the desire to dig deep into video production this video guide website is for you. It’ll teach you about how to effectively utilize lighting, how to create cinematic shots and what gear to buy. The whole channel is personalized and narrated in an engaging way. The creator, Simon Cade, consistently focuses on not just how videography and cinematography works, but also how to utilize each skill set in a critically thoughtful way.

The internet can be a useless vacuum that sucks up our precious time. But it’s got the potential to enhance the way we live our lives. Check these sites out and tell me what you think. Comment with sites that might fly under the radar, but have helped shape your life for the better, I’d love to hear about them.

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