People these days are desirous of change. That’s all I see. Everywhere people want to rehaul systems, the organizations that they’re in and nobody wants to keep the status-quo.

We all saw it in the American election. I see it in my fraternity. I see it in the technology industry with virtual reality. I see some essences of change bubbling in the movie industry, with everything being remade, such as the new Star Wars and the overhaul of Superhero movies.

Is this normal? I’m a young man, a 20-year-old, that hasn’t been through multiple eras. I haven’t lived through enough years to understand just how long people can go with the same lifestyle. Maybe it is normal, but it seems like there’s a general sense of dissatisfaction with most everything. Why?

I feel like this is a symptom of past complacency. For so long, in my perspective due to the internet, people became more passive. The internet provided an escape into an abyss of comfort and acted as an adhesive to our armchairs. Life, at least for Americans or western cultures, became so filled with information that could affirm our wrong thought or distract our fickle minds that we have stopped fighting for anything we cared much about.

But now, I think we’ve figured out how to live with the internet, at least a little bit more. It seems like society was just a bit dazed from the sucker-punch of its inception. And now that we’ve become accustomed to it we now look back at our inaction. We’re now turning our heads forward to see how we can fix the problems that we’ve been silently letting grow and persist.

This gives me great hope for the future. There’s a whole lot of pessimism, which I think it justified. It feels these days that we’re just a feeble character on this stage of 8 billion actors, but I think that was largely the result of having absolutely no clue what the hell to do with this explosion of people, technology and globalization. We are now figuring it out. People are seeing what social media can do to attention spans, self-image and relationships. People have seen how separate we’ve become through filtering out opinions that don’t agree with us. Slowly western cultures, specifically America, are beginning to realize its impacts on the whole world.

I have faith that a new era of community and connection will take place. And it may be some impossible dream that won’t happen. It may be something that every generation before me has hoped for and died waiting for, but I don’t think it is. I know it won’t happen if I don’t believe in it.

And it especially won’t happen if I don’t do my part to change things for the better. Because that’s what is required of us now. No longer can we sit idly by in our bubble of distractions and Instagram posts. We need to engage with one another and voice our opinions openly, honestly and with compassion.

Otherwise, we won’t have a better America. I won’t have a better fraternity. There won’t be a better world. Only if we don’t put our heads down and start doing the work.


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