Climate Change and Hypocrisy

I’m back. I’ve been gripped by a need to talk about particular things and there hasn’t been an outlet for me to divulge my thoughts. So I’m back, with a rant of sorts.

Just watched Before The Flood and I’ll own the fact that I’m getting all worked up over seeing one documentary, but it’s also much more than that. I sit here in a limbo, unable to be content with falling asleep while the world huffs and puffs through decimated lungs.

Watching that documentary did not widen my eyes to problems, it did not slap me with awe at what has been going on. It instead augmented what was under my skin. There was an understanding that this world was already undergoing climate change, but there wasn’t an actual understanding. We say that the drought is worse than most years and scoff at climate change as if it were a fuck-up of a cousin, somewhat distant, not immediate. We say the same about snow falling much later into the year. Don’t worry it’s just climate change. It has gutturally wrenched my being to come to grips with the truth. We are standing before the flood, ankles soaked with the rising water and just beginning to see ourselves in the tidal wave’s reflection.

And when it hits our world will be bubbling with more chaos than now, an amount we already seem to be unable to handle. It will be drained of the natural beauty it still contains. There is a point where we are too far underwater (figuratively) to reach the surface again.

I ask what the hell I can do. Buy used books. Buy used clothes. Continue not eating meat. Switch to being vegan. Bike more. Use less energy. Use less water. Vocalize my opinions to politicians. What else?

The truth is I don’t know if there is much else. I can protest and petition, it’s true. There is the direct activism that is a powerful hand on the political steering wheel, but is that all that’s left?

And I get angry at those who push against fighting climate change. Most of climate change deniers are Republican, that’s just common knowledge. And I hate the hypocrisy of that group of individuals. Sorry if I lose you, whatever Republican is reading a lovey-dovey college personal blog.

Republicans are supposed to be a group that stands for capitalism, competition, and good ideas being successful, but the party is largely serving the oil and gas companies. Those companies are rigging the system, creating an unfair society and taxing people indirectly through larger medical costs from worse air quality and public waste cleanup. It’s getting in the way of sustainable energy, an idea that when functioning provides essentially unlimited energy, still requires jobs, and gets us energy independent and thus safer.

Republicans are supposed to be the strong ones, the ones who aren’t being coddled. Many support Trump because he goes against “politically correct culture” but then shake at the sight of a scientific fact that doesn’t agree with them. Republicans are supposed to be more conservative. Less government is what many desire in the Republican party, but taxing citizens for deportations and keeping people behind bars (who merely held weed or possibly a harder drug) seems to be okay. Republicans are supposed to be the group who firmly plants their flag in the constitution, but will gladly bend that value when it comes to following their constitutional duty to evaluate and vote on the supreme court nominee that the president is constitutionally required to nominate.

It’s fucking backward and I don’t understand (aside from the fact that millions and millions of dollars are being funneled into efforts to create this mindset).

And of course, this doesn’t mean that other political parties are perfect by any means. We all have our inconsistencies, but for a party that seems to be firmly planted in values, it seems the rules are bent consistently and often.

What a rant. I don’t like singling out a group, that’s not my intention, but there needs to be a consistency in terms of our values.

I want nature to be like it was when 3 billion passenger pigeons flooded the skies. I want bisons to roam the plains of America again. I want the Great Barrier Reef to burst with color and life. And I need to change in order to create that, I need to work harder to create the life that I want to live.

Anyway, I just wanted to write, so I wrote.

L & R

Troy L. Wilkinson

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