Fostering Creativity

There’s an exploding satisfaction, a boom in confidence and self-worth that follows creating something. When I learn a new piece of music or write these blog posts I feel so much more complete. It’s the focus and thought all culminating into the final product that, when all is said and done, is an extension of who I am. It doesn’t even have to be a good piece of work, there just needs to be enough effort put into it, where the process of making it is an accomplishment in itself.

The feeling of creation is kind of ebbing right now in society. Business oriented jobs and service jobs seem to be so prevalent these days and a fair amount of the creation, manufacturing, and building of things has been lost. And… at the same time, there’s social media which seems to be providing an avenue for a great deal of creation. It’s still somewhat separate from just sitting down and cranking out a project, working on something over and over again for a great deal of time and coming out with a final product. Social media seems to be a lot of personality manufacturing instead of a community for idea sharing and content creation. Drawing, music, writing, dancing, woodworking and the like need to be a bigger part of what’s involved in a successful upbringing. My high school didn’t have Workshop, let’s fix that. Success in school should not merely fall upon acing pre-calculus or chemistry.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s importance in the sciences, but art must not be left by the wayside. I very much so believe that having some sort of creative outlet leads to a better sense of self. When you can paint a scene on a blank canvas you have something to stand by, something to look at and say “I can do this” or “I created this”.

One of the establishments in my town has a special deal which I find real neat. It’s a 3-hour block where people who bring in projects to work on get a discount, 20 percent or something, off their drinks. There are art parties that happen every once in a while where a house is full of art supplies, musical instruments and other crafts. These are the endeavors that are pushing society back onto the path of creation, of getting people inspired to access that right side of the brain.

There’s also a sense that manufacturing has become a less important endeavor, at least among the more affluent groups. People are striving to be the computer scientists, the doctors, the therapists. Trade schools need to make a big comeback. There’s something I find so honorable in those who can practice and master their trade, be it woodworking or fashion design. There should be avenues, more cherished and feasible ones in contemporary society that support a career in creation.

Social media I feel has the power to do that, the internet in general has that potential. We just need to escape this popularisation of beautiful women taking photos of them with their lattés on Instagram and lean more towards posting what we are creating, not what we are doing. That’d be a much more social network I think. If we all shared what we created with one another it’d be much easier to see who people are instead of these cherry-picked sections of activity that are really not at the heart of their lives.

The world needs more creation, as does the people who reside on it. So let’s continue having gatherings to make art, let’s keep sharing what we make instead of what we happen to be doing, let’s have more places focused on supporting people who bring in art projects. There’s a titanic amount of untapped creative juices out there, so let’s make a society that’ll access it.

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