A Critical YouTube

There is a slew of different uses for YouTube. It can be a source of news, political coverage and the like with channels like The Young Turks. It can be a source of endless video game commentary and gameplay with channels a la Day9TV. And it can be much, much more, such as well designed and engaging discussion/analysis.

YouTube channels that delve into pop culture with 10-minute lessons, 15-minute analysis clips, a discussion on a particular topic or similar focuses are beginning to crop up more and more across the internet. The content coming from these channels are deeper than your average YouTube video, plenty of time has been spent to make it visually, acoustically, and mentally engaging. Just as deeper, more rich stories are transitioning from the cinema to TV, it seems that richer content is penetrating YouTube. No longer are the documentaries confined to cable or even Netflix. Short, engaging and informational creations are increasing popularity and some have been at it for years now.

The rise of Patreon has no doubt helped this trend. Patreon is a service where fans can ‘subscribe’ to a creator and contribute money per video, month or whatever the creation is. It’s sort of like a continual donation system. So many of these channels utilize Patreon, and it’s opened the gates for people with ideas or followings to take on new endeavors and keep making videos without fearing costs as much.

With each fan paying a small bit the end result can be a livable salary. It seems odd to be paying for content that is already free, but not only can fans who pay get exclusive content they also have contributed to making what they love. It’s exciting to see an avenue where consumers and creators can directly work together for a mutually beneficial relationship; the fans get the content they love and the creator can make a better wage creating that content.

More ways to support creativity and art is a win in my book. There are quality channels with a wealth of content that is, by my account, much deeper than a good portion of the rest of YouTube. Channels such as the School of Life have vaults of uplifting, eye-opening and brow-raising videos that challenge common conceptions of life. Kaptain Kristian is a channel with unique perspectives and covered topics that have left me desirous of doing my own research into them.

I’d also recommend Every Frame A Painting and Nerd Writer for similar, engaging content.

The World Wide Web is new, and only recently has it reached puberty. A swath of savvy users is beginning to tinker with the platform and a wave of creation is being born from it.

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