The Future

The future is beautiful.

In the coming month, I’ll be embarking on a trip through Yosemite, trekking with my great friend Max through the John Muir Trail. The great nature that I’ll be experiencing I hope will be eye-opening.

On top of that, the upcoming spring semester is going to be a tremendous experience. I still need to solidify some things to wholeheartedly say that I’m going to spend it in Bhutan, but it seems pretty set. That is going to such a different six months of my life. I’ve never spent that long in a completely otherworldly country. The culture there is surely different, the scenery so dramatic and the people are almost from completely separate life.

I can’t wait. The future is going to be great.

Right now the United States presidential election is turning tides and shifting the landscape of American politics. That is a huge deal. American congress’s ties with special interests are coming to light and the public is beginning to get involved in the political system. Once that happens the climate deniers are going to be thrust out of the system and the world can begin its coming phase of repair.

The entrepreneurs of the world are beginning to look towards the nebulas and stars up above and making strides towards planetary freedom for humans. It’s something that I hope will rally the 8 billion humans. Everyone will be looking up at the tiny red dot in the sky, wide-eyed and smiling.

The boom of technology and communication is no doubt stringing the world together. Knowledge is becoming ever more prevalent within affluent communities. I do see that the pain and suffering of strangers have become innocuous to most, but in time, we shall overcome that. The knowledge and care are there, though.

I think the current generation is a bit consumed with technology. Once we get passed that, then we’ll be able to move on towards being a more engaged and active society. That’s not to say we’re not engaged right now, in fact, it seems that millennials are more engaged in what they do then previous generations. Still, though, it seems that millennials, including myself, are more of the talking instead of doing generation.

This is truly a turning point.

The future’s trajectory seems positive. I cannot wait for the global community that is caring, that strives to be engaged with others and can sustain itself without screwing up the Earth and every species that lives upon it.

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