Daily Pages #1

I’ve got supreme writers block at the moment. I’m trying to find shit to write about, things that spark my interest, but nothing of real inspiration is hitting me. So for me to continue my blog and better archive my thoughts I’m going to just catalog my responses to some daily page prompts.

Daily page (dailypage.co) is a website with daily prompts for writing, here are some of my responses to those questions.

What are you thankful for today?

Today I’m thankful for the place I’m at. The present moment. To have the conscious mind to acutely feel all of my emotions, know all of my thoughts on what surrounds me and being able to feel the nervousness that assaults my motor-functions when I’m tasked with a truly new and challenging experience.

For my parents and how they raised me. What beautiful two souls my parents are. When it comes down to it… man, that’s the fucking apogee of love right there.

In all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a god damn beauty in my life. The way their two beings intertwine and connect with one another is something to behold. It’s not a traditional relationship either, I mean, it’s a heterosexual one, but my Dad is totally not the one wearing the pants in the family. My mom wears the pant and my dad is the glue for the all of us. I don’t really care for the “wearing the pants” idiom just to be clear.

I’m thankful for my amazing sister that trusted me. She confided in me all she had. She looked after me both closely and from afar making sure I stayed on a good path.

For the choices I’ve made. Each choice I’ve made has led me to who I am right now. For the decision to befriend Robbie, my neighbor. What wealth of life I got from living next to him and his family. From being with Austin and Him my path in life was set. After that it was being with Evan, Daniel, Lane, Neil and Andrew. A group of friends I find my memories of are clear and uncovering. The ousting of Andrew and Evan shows now how ridiculous we can be in our youth and how arbitrary that friendship and those decisions can be at that age. Choosing to spend my initial middle school experience not with Lane or Daniel, mostly because I was afraid. Eventually gravitating towards hanging out with Lane and Jacob as my friendship with Daniel quickly fell to the ground led me to another close group of friends. Matt Helle, Tavneet, Bennet, Matt and others was nice, but until I accepted I would move along in life and to San Ramon my life, the life that set me onto greatness, had not yet begun until then

So I’m thankful for many things, but what I’m most thankful was the fact that I was born into a fruitful and wondrous company of three thoughtful souls.

October 13th, 2015

If you knew you had six months to live what would you do?

With six months to live I’d hit the airport up. Just like the thousands of scenes where a weary American needs to change up his life and find the meaning of happiness I would equip myself with my backpack, my smaller meaningful possessions, my journal and a book or two. I think I would set out to just live and fine as many beautiful places I could go to and leave a mark at. Whether that mark be capturing the essence of that place through writing and photography or building stone pillars so that the next traveler gets to ponder what exactly was going on when rocks were made into towers.

My first stop would likely be Iceland where I could just be within nature, in all of it insane volcanoes and waterfalls. I would be myself to a fault and if I ever saw a beautiful woman I would learn her story and tell her mine. My days would be spent traveling around the whole island and seeing all the coastlines. It would be lonely for the first bit, but maybe I would bring someone along with me to experience it all.

Anyway after my Icelandic experiences I would go to the UK to see Harry from Norwich and also visit Carly in Cornwall. The UK just seems like a place full of people and a place where I would have a great time in. I wouldn’t stay for all that long though, maybe a week. After that I would look towards somewhere else, maybe even the middle-east. If I’m already dying what harm is it to travel to somewhere dangerous? It would make my death a bit more exciting.

The middle-east, Japan or east-China would be the three other options I think, maybe Sweden too, man those Swedes man, gorgeous as all get out. I would make sure to be writing down all of my thoughts and experiences and poems within my journal. After about three to four months I would return home.

Probably weak now and withering I would spend the rest of my days with my friends and family, making sure I told everyone how I felt about them and my thoughts on life. I would tell them to make the most out of life and that it only takes a simple majority of willpower to change each of our lives in a interesting, almost always better way.

Something I could never realize in my life, at least something I haven’t yet, but desperately need to.

A simple majority of willpower is all I need to make my life a story, an adventure, what I’ve always wanted it to be.

September 28th, 2015

Write a letter to someone you love. (April 4th was my father’s birthday so this one is even more relevant)

Dear Father,

How you have mastered life; that is one of my greatest wonders. You’re social ability astounds me as well as your capability to be both cynical and open-armed. The way you seamlessly interact with anyone and still remain your true goofy self is beautiful and I hope to one day achieve such a talent. Like when you spoke about talking with the short-Hispanic man at the bar a while back (which I’d like to talk about more with you later on), that just seemed so natural and great to have that exchange, made me jealous quite frankly.

And so as you and mum travel across Europe your ability to be goofy, yet cool and sociable must be useful.

I love that you both post pictures of your travels. The whole essence and feel of those pictures show the joy of your trip. The two of you have a love like no other I have seen and it’s truly inspirational. Not many couples can say truthfully that such a love binds the two of them as far as you and mum seem to have been. Thank god too, for otherwise Chelsea and I would be much different without the supreme parenting of the both of you.

What you have done with me and Chelsea… is something quite special. You have not made us the best, but what you have done is made us both unique, and we both can feel it within ourselves. I don’t know what Chelsea truly feels about her upbringing, but I can say that you have made me different than the rest, which has given me a perspective unlike anybody else’s. I take great pride in my upbringing, in my difference, in my mixed-racial identity, in my love for music and in having two unique parents whose minds are wide awake and open beyond the minds of many others.

To return back to your conversation with the short-Hispanic or Latino logo designer who you talked to at the bar, I feel like that impacted you in some way, but I am unsure just how much. The way you talked about it and just the way you’ve gone about things since than makes me feel like you’ve changed from it, for the better of course. Anyway I want to talk about it more at some point, but for now,

Love, respect, the best of dreams and the will to follow them,

your ever grateful son,


September 21st, 2015

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